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70/1 Winner as Eddie Pepperell Lands Maiden European Tour Win!

What a start to the season it has been for the golf tipster at FST as he netted his third outright winner of the calendar year with Eddie Pepperell tipped at a massive 70/1!

This is to add to Jon Rahm and Shubhankar Sharma, 10/1 & 50/1 winners respectively already tipped up in 2018. The best thing about these tips is they are completely free and can be found on the Golf Tips page every week from Monday to Thursday, the day the tournaments begin usually. You can land some pretty big returns for very small stakes so it is a very fun way to bet and you get four days’ enjoyment out of it too.

How We Did It

Eddie Pepperell was completely out of sorts for a long time but we felt a big performance was in him and thankfully we backed him at the right time. He had just changed coaches a week ago and that can transform a player. Sometimes when a player is in dire form, it can be down to the coach and the way the player is being coached. A few simple changes and a change of scenery can completely change a golfer’s game. Eddie set a blistering early pace and was always up near the top of the leaderboard in the Qatar Masters throughout. He rode his luck a couple of times and got away with blue murder on the same hole twice in two days as he hit it off the face of some rocks only for it to bounce back out onto the course for him. The day prior he chipped in from a shallow grave for an incredible bogey when he could have easily racked up an eight on the card. Oliver Fisher made him work very hard all the way to the 18th but he won by a single stroke on Sunday and we are delighted! To add to the good week we also tipped Pablo Larrazabal at 50/1 and he was also in the places.

When are Golf Tips Online?

Our free golf betting tips are LIVE every Monday and Tuesday night, two to three days before the tournament begins which gives you plenty of time to get your bets on. As already mentioned, we had huge success in 2017 and we hope to repeat that effort in 2018. Make sure you tune in and follow our golf tips each and every week.

What should you Stake on the Golf Tips?

We don’t tell people how much they should stake on the tips because everyone has their own budget. For me personally, I placed £5 E/W on every Outright tip in 2017 and came away over £2,300 in cold hard profit. Patience and level stakes are the best way to go. We won’t win every week but when we do it is usually a hefty priced winner.

Followers’ Betslips

If you placed just £5 each way on Shubhankar Sharma at 50/1 you would have returned £447.50, a massive return for such a small investment. Golf betting is a lot of fun, lasts four days more times than not and when you land a winner there is no better feeling in the world considering 100-150 golfers participate in the majority of the tournaments. We have selected just a couple of the winning betslips sent in to us. Make sure you watch out for the golf tips on our website and on Twitter this week.